Save money, help the planet, and be an eco-friendly citizen with solar panels on your roof or ground

Save Up-to 50% Electricity bills

  • Cost savings*

    Save over Rs 2 Cr+ (MSMEs) or Rs 10 lakh+ (residential customers).

  • Long lifetime

    Solar power lasts over 25 years.

  • Quick payback*

    Typical payback period is 4-5 years.

  • Grid independence

    Beat the ever-increasing electricity tariffs.

  • Minimal Maintenance

    No Moving parts = Low maintenance.

  • Scalable Design

    Easy upgrades for evolving energy needs.

  • Tax benefit for businesses

    Up-to 40% accelerated tax depreciation in 1st year of commissioning the solar plant.

Green & Clean Energy for MSMEs,
Homes & Large Enterprises

  • A Solar plant can potentially abate 3000+ Tons (MSMEs), 150+ Tons (Homes)*.
  • This is equivalent to planting 5000+ Trees (MSMEs) & 250+ Trees (Homes) annually*.
  • Earn Green building Certification points: IGBC, LEED – Crucial for sustainable building design.

*Varies basis individual customer’s solar deployment, state regulations, tariff structure and site conditions.